Whiz Consulting Introduces Virtual CFO Services

Top Quote Whiz Consulting introduced Virtual CFO Services to its clients in Australia to provide access to professional expertise and knowledge at an affordable price. End Quote

  • (1888PressRelease) September 25, 2021 – New small and medium businesses are sprouting up every day. The abundance of knowledge, low entry barriers and ease of doing business are all reasons to credit. These are just a few of the many reasons why businesses can expand and scale up in new verticals and geographical regions. Growth means competition, which can lead to the need for financial planning. This is where we might see a need for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who can lead the business and improve its financial health. It can be costly and difficult to hire a CFO. Small businesses might not be financially able to pay the full-time cost of a CFO. A small business might not be able to afford a full-time CFO. This could lead to a loss of resources. What is the solution? Virtual CFO is an innovative concept that has been adopted by many companies around the world. Virtual CFOs can be accessed at a fraction the cost of full-time financial professionals. It is also virtual so one can hire someone from another country with more knowledge, skills, and resources for a fraction of the cost.

    We at Whiz Consulting created Virtual CFO services after carefully analyzing the market and the needs of our clients. Whiz Consulting, an Australian outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping provider, offers new-age services such as virtual accountants, taxation advisory, and payroll services. While one may be a skilled businessperson, one might lack financial acumen. Finance plays an important role in every business. Whiz Consulting senior executive said that strategic financial decisions are essential to achieve business growth.

    Technology makes it easy to do business. Technology is transforming the world of finance. The person who makes the most of this technology will always be two steps ahead.

    Financial success does not come from luck. This is a meticulously planned and time-consuming process that must be followed with care. A CFO can be a valuable resource for business owners, whether they are looking to grow, establish a financial system, audit current financial health, plan financial strategies, lead the finance team, or present a business idea to secure funding.

    A virtual CFO reduces the stress of recruiting. A traditional CFO must either be a finance expert or have a team of recruiters to find the right candidate. A virtual CFO can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time one. A virtual CFO service requires access to highly qualified and experienced individuals. Outsourcing partners can provide a virtual CFO service that allows you to access many industry experts. Virtual CFOs can be of great assistance to business owners who plan to expand their business to other countries, as they are available to clients around the world.

    We are a virtual CFO that helps businesses grow their businesses and bridge the funding gap. Experts manage all the tasks of a traditional CFO. Since we’ve been offering accounting services for more than a decade, we have the necessary knowledge and resources to improve your business finances. We offer services to all business types and sizes, regardless of their industry. The Virtual CFO service is unlike any other we have offered and we are excited to be able help our clients create a system that will allow them to reach their financial goals.

    About Whiz Consulting

    Whiz Consulting provides outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services for all types of businesses. It offers its services in Sydney and Brisbane, Adelaide, Queensland, as well as other areas of Australia. Their professionals are experts in over 20 different accounting software. Whiz Consulting ensures accuracy in accounting records by employing professionals who work diligently to streamline clients’ accounting processes.


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