Whiz Consulting Announces Specialized Futrli Forecasting and Reporting Services

Whiz consulting has launched Futrli reports and forecasting services that provide a clear picture of a company’s financial position and health. End Quote

  • Dallas, TX (1888PressRelease) October 23, 2021 – Whiz Consulting is a prominent accounting and bookkeeping firm in the US that has recently released specialized Futrli reporting and forecasting services to enable the firms to estimate the upcoming future. Pandemics have caused uncertainty in operations and conduct, and poor forecasting solutions. Futrli software was used to help the firms get back on track. Futrli’s unique features allow for the transfer of reports as well as integration with other accounting software. Whiz Consulting Senior Executive says that the staff supports clients in making it work to their full potential.

    These are excerpts from the conversation with Whiz Consulting’s Senior Executive regarding the new launch of

    Why did this launch occur?

    We found that the businesses were struggling to plan for the future after the pandemic. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the environment, it was difficult for them to accurately analyze reports and to focus on survival strategies. This led us to examine how to manage the client’s insecurity skillfully and carefully.

    What improvements have been made to the services? What makes them special?

    Due to the pandemic, we have made some changes to our Futrli forecasting and reporting services. No additional charges are charged for periodic consultations with management. To the existing services, we have added the ability to customize, personalize, and scale. Because of their vast experience, the staff can accurately project, understand and use non-financial information to make informed decisions.

    The global pandemic that struck suddenly has had a devastating impact on the entire world. Inequality in the distribution and use of resources is a major problem worldwide. The richest can afford to seize the best opportunities as quickly as possible. Enterprises with limited resources must make the best use of their resources to maximize their potential gains. Whiz Consulting, through Futrli, seeks to capture small, medium and large enterprises across a variety of industries including legal, media, real estate, healthcare and e-commerce. Whiz Consulting sources state that they want to provide maximum convenience to their clients by providing them with all-in-one forecasting tools and reporting tools. Sales figures have been affected by the pandemic. Whiz Consulting offers expert guidance to help you make money even in difficult times. After analyzing the reports, they ensure projection of up to 10 years. They offer affordable packages that are accessible to clients regardless of their size. Whiz Consulting advisory members say that it is a dream to work in a professional environment.

    About Whiz Consulting

    Whiz Consulting, a top accounting and bookkeeping company, uses the most recent technology to help businesses grow. They employ people with extensive industry experience and encourage learning and advancement. Their services are cost-effective and satisfying in every way for clients. They offer a range of services including bookkeeping, accounting, and bookkeeping.


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