New MIT Study: CIOs Plan to Spend the Most Money and Time in These Areas

If you are curious about the best future opportunities, consider the tech companies with deeper pockets for research.

According to a new report by MIT and New York City’s consultancy Genpact, more 500 chief Information Officers and technology leaders from a range of industries including insurance and health care are focusing on these key areas in order to drive new ideas.

They’re focused on artificial intelligence

In the survey, leaders were asked which technologies they will prioritize to achieve their company’s goals over the next two years. Analytics, artificial intelligence and automation technologies are the key areas. Then, data centers will be moved to the cloud and robot process automation. According to Anis Uzzaman (CEO of Pegasus Ventures ,), startups that offer information to patients through mobile apps are leading the way in the long-term shift to health care.

They’re data-driven

Almost all respondents of the MIT study (98 percent) agree that their companies make data-driven decisions to grow value. A.I. is a tool that can help create a data-driven culture. Priorities for investment are machine learning and A.I. Research shows that companies are increasingly turning to machine learning to provide predictive insights to help them make better decisions.

They’re scrambling to fix hiring challenges

Talent-related issues appear in the top three of both external and internal challenges reported–and nearly half (49 percent) said they don’t have enough talent at their company. These leaders want to learn agile development and delivery skills. This means breaking down large projects into manageable tasks, managing external partners, and combining internal and external data to find solutions.

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