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Oct 22, 2021

AUSTIN (Texas)
October 22, 2021 ( –

Maven Associates is a management consulting firm for the mid-market. They have project teams that are manned by alumni from McKinsey, Bain and BCG. These projects range from profit improvement to strategy and growth.

The pandemic changed the way people live, work and connect. Consultants are facing a crossroads as some regions of the globe transition to a post COVID normal. Major firms have sold out. If firms are able to adapt, the mid-market consulting market is full of opportunity.

” Major firms are running out of resources and are turning to contract consultants. Maven Associates founder Mark Hess said that contract consultants have been an integral part of Maven Associates’ business model from the beginning.

” It will be fascinating to see how consultants function, grow and adapt their services over the next year. Maven Associates was established with remote workers for many years. This climate is conducive to our effectiveness and efficiency. We’ve been doing it for many years. “

Mark established Maven Associates in 2009, following his roles as Principal at Stagen and VP Strategy and Business Development at GES. He wanted to offer world-class consulting for the mid-market, leveraging McKinsey, BCG and Bain alumni. Mark and his team of experts offer clients access to top talent and proven methods at a fraction the cost.

“Maven has always done things differently,” Mark said. “We challenge the status-quo and embrace new and innovative ways to drive client results. “

“Consultants can be found on or off planes as well as in and out offices. This is the traditional way of doing business. Although this new paradigm may be difficult for some, Maven is optimistic about it. “

Mark has had remarkable results on all the projects that he’s managed over the past decade. For one ~$300M metal manufacturer, his growth acceleration strategy is expected to maximize their exit valuation multiples. In addition, he helped a ~$40M publisher improve profitability and roadmap new growth opportunities, and he built a growth strategy for a ~$100M SaaS business.

Mark’s success goes beyond growth, value creation, and organizational design. He is data-driven and conducts competitor analysis, due diligence, and especially for companies that have been acquired via private equity.

“That is another area to keep an eye on as the world progresses,” stated Mark. “I will be watching closely to see if private equity experiences a significant pullback in the next year. “

Businesses will face new challenges in the face of uncertainty. Businesses may fail to adapt to market changes and changing consumer sentiments if they don’t innovate. While Mark and the Maven Associates team remain optimistic, they know that many companies face a difficult next chapter in their growth.

“Helping businesses thrive in uncharted territory is what we do the best,” Mark said. Mark has firsthand experience with business growth.

” We have to see change as a chance. We provide companies with the strategic support and guidance that they need to solve real-world problems. Our expertise includes both executive and consulting industry experience. “

Maven Associates provides an independent perspective that aligns decision-makers with organizations and drives them to take action. Maven Associates is home to talented people who are creative problem-solvers, and quick learners.

Maven offers expertise in profit improvement, growth strategy, annual planning and industry networking. Clients are challenged to rethink and seize opportunities, even when the future seems uncertain.

“My business is values-led, just like me. We are owners and strive to add genuine value to the midmarket. “

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