IPFS Harbor: “We Aim to Become The World Leading Storage Ecosystem Services Provider”

New technologies are changing the way we communicate and process payments, as well as our cities and transportation system. Smart cities, IoT, and other large-scale innovations are all around us. More people are worried about their data security. Google and other large corporations will have control over every aspect of our lives. Is there an alternative?

Decentralized projects continue to show us that blockchain technology has the potential to make it easier to store data and money. The world needs more ambitious infrastructure-level solutions to ensure a decentralized future. Let’s take a look at one such project, which was created in Sichuan. We will explore its plans for solving data security concerns and show you how you can get involved.

Q How IPFS Harbor differs from cloud storage such as the products of major tech companies?

A is IPFS Harbor, a technology company that focuses on professional decentralized storage hardware R&D and production. It also aims to be the leading IPFS storage ecosystem provider in the world.

We offer decentralized storage hardware research and development, IPFS system marketing, and custodian services.

We offer lower storage costs, better transmission efficiency, professional options to prevent data loss and, most importantly, our services are decentralized.

Q Who are your competition?

A: In general, our competitors are central providers such as Google, AWS and Baidu Cloud. IPFS is unique in that it addresses some of the problems of current centralized storage. Filecoin, the incentive layer in IPFS, encourages users to store their data and establish a decentralized Internet.

Our current product is to provide professional hardware equipment and custom software systems to our clients in order for them to have stable incentives and data security.

Q For what purpose? Are they regular people interested in cryptocurrency, small businesses or corporations? What are they likely to find?

A: Anyone can join the network. All they have to do is install IPFS on their client-side. It would be the most cost-effective way for clients to store their data and ensure stability and security.

Q Do you intend to issue your own currency, like bitcoin?

A: We are a decentralized storage provider, so we won’t be considering issuing our own currency. Filecoin is the only currency that has been recognized in the IPFS ecosystem. We will be focusing on the web 3.0 establishment and the decentralized field.

Q We noticed that you had plans to store information for smart cities. Are you going to collaborate with governments? Is it safe for citizens to store private data?

A : Smart cities are a natural result of web 3.0. Smart cities will need large amounts of data storage. We must provide low-cost, safe and stable storage services.

We have established technical cooperation with University of Electronic Science and Technology Laboratory and plan to establish a connection with government very soon.

For citizens, it’s a safe and sound choice because the IPFS feature can be accessed from anywhere. IPFS Harbor also wants to make storage applications that are accessible by all users.

Q Yes. We appreciate your clarification. It must contain a lot of information. Most major cryptocurrency platforms are having trouble scaling. How will you be able process all of this information with safety and speed in mind?

A : It is the same as other Blockchain projects. Filecoin also experienced the TPS issue, which led to a higher gas fee and a limitation on storage. On 7th July, Filecoin updated v13 HyperDrive to decrease the gas fee and increase the speed for confirming a block of transactions.

Q In your plans for the digital economy, you also mention the Consumption Upgrade? Please elaborate.

A: Mankind has already entered the digital economy era, COVID-19 has enhanced the development of the digital economy, people can do all the things at home, such as online education, online shopping etc. It has generated massive amounts of data that must be stored securely. Filecoin is the best option in this situation.

Filecoin solved the problem of

in the huge data storage market.

  1. Storage at a lower cost, reducing storage cost consumption
  2. Provide security assurance due to distributed structure and blockchain technology.

Q: Is it possible to join the network right now? Do you have the availability to join in all countries? Do you have any preference for early birds?

A: It can join any time as Filecoin is open to everyone. We already provide global services and have a global marketing strategy.

In the economic model for Filecoin, the earlier you sign up, the greater the incentive. Filecoin has an incentive structure that rewards users who store more data.

Q Who are your leaders? What inspired them to start this global project?

A Chairman of IPFS Harbor Wan graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. He is an expert in microelectronics. He is an experienced mentor and senior investor, as well as a businessman with extensive experience. Wan Yingqu did an extensive investigation into Filecoin and researched the market for storage. He discovered that the storage market is high-cost and low-efficiency, as well as problems with data storage security. Innovation is needed in the storage market.

Based on these facts, IPFS Harbor was established. It became a follower, builder, and administrator of Filecoin and has plans to expand to the global market.

Q How is it governed

A The filecoin is a distributed storage system with no centralization. Some large-scale smart miners already have more than 1/10 of the computing power, there may be many possibilities but the management and governance is total control by the IPFS ecosystem and economic model.

Storage providers have reliable locking mechanisms, lock-up and disciplinary mechanisms. This can help to avoid any incident from some speculator

Storage providers don’t have an economic reason to delete or destroy user data. The most profitable and smartest choice is to store user data according to the order contract.

Q So, your headquarters are located in Hong Kong? What are the effects of tightening Chinese regulations on your business? Are you expecting other countries to tighten regulations?

A: In Chengdu. The Chinese ban on cryptocurrency mining has not had any impact on our business. The data storage service we offer is legal and practical with application landing. FIlecoin also requires less energy, which is in line with China’s goal of carbon neutrality.

Similar to the above, strong supervision will not be a problem for countries outside of the United States.

Q What are the company’s growth plans? Are you interested in investments? Are you looking for investments?

A: We aim to be the leading storage ecosystem service provider in the world. We will provide the best customer service and custom products to our customers. We will promote web 3.0 development over the next 3 to 5 years.

We have just completed our angel round of funding. The hardware scale has exceeded $10million, and we plan to secure contracts with professional cryptocurrency investment institutions. We are currently expanding the global market. It mainly covers Japan, South Korea and North America. Russia and Europe.

Q Your mission is to encourage the development of web 3.0. What is the importance of web 3.0 for regular citizens and what is your role? (In other words, how the presence of web 3.0 can help a regular user)

A : yes. Web3.0 is the next generation of Internet. It will mark a significant shift in human society. All aspects of our production, lifestyle, communication, safety, and living habits will change. Web3.0 encompasses many aspects such as smart cities and autonomous driving. As a storage provider, we are an infrastructure builder and play a key role.

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