How You Can Succeed Without Being a Business Insider

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It can be easy to see success as something that only the wealthy and connected have.

The wealthy are, in fact, wealthy. They have the financial means to take a chance on anything. They likely hang out with wealthy, connected friends who give them opportunity after opportunity.

Maybe. It really matters.

Where we put our energy determines how we experience life. You will act as if it is true if you spend your time and energy conjuring up a scenario that it’s all a game for the rich. This is where mindfulness comes in. It is important to be aware of where our creativity power is being sent. It’s like the keys to a car. We complain about how little power it has. Then we just hand them over to someone else and slip into the passenger seat.

Despite what others may tell you, it is not a zero-sum sport. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone. Although money is a concentrated wealth, it is also very real and constantly changing.

We hear a lot about the 1%, often in an attempt to portray them as an evil, monolithic, and controlling class. They fail to realize that people constantly move in and out the 1% every day. While some of it is due to inherited wealth and others to hard work, it is happening constantly.

What really lies at the heart of this is fear. Because we fear the unknown, we give up our power and submit to an imaginary ruling class. This is not about you blaming me. It is actually our subconscious refusing to take the risk. Your mind has a built-in stowaway that wants to keep things the same. Any new opportunities for growth, however intellectually stimulating and attractive, will face some emotional resistance.

You’ve probably experienced this before. After all of the endorphins and optimism subside, you find yourself racked with nerves.

I’m certain you would persevere regardless, paying little attention to nerves and dismissing the jitters as jitters. Somehow, it happens. You might run out of steam, or feel overwhelmed by the work load.

Some would call this self-sabotage. But it’s not. Your mind is an amazing manifesting machine. It can execute any program it is running flawlessly. You tried to force yourself into a situation that was not in line with your values.

Deep down, you know that success is not something you want. Being famous and rich is not something you are comfortable with. Few are. Those who are are usually not have had the opportunity to gain experience or done the necessary work to make it happen.

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If we want (or think we want) success in any area, we must take a holistic approach. Many people fall because they don’t pay enough attention to their emotions.

You don’t need to be a business owner with lots of opportunities and wealth. However, you must be emotionally and mentally aligned to that outcome. You must live your life as if you were that person right now.

Think back to any accomplishments you have made in your life. It could be getting up to go make a cup of coffee. Think about the things that must be aligned for you to achieve your goal or plan.

This is true for all things that we desire to make a difference in our lives. Ask yourself the following:

  1. What am I feeling and how is that impacting…?
  2. What I am thinking, and how is that impacting…?
  3. What I am doing?

Align these three things and you will get there. Our emotional state is the first thing that matters.

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Most people jump straight to the “doing” part of the process, and this is usually why they fail. First, subconscious resistance and misalignment. They are blindly taking action.

Action can be both the most important and the least important part of this process. Because you cannot receive anything without taking action, it qualifies for the most important. But action is also the most important, because it has no meaning. Blind action is not a way to achieve a specific goal. It’s possible to run wild in the middle the street but that won’t help you find a source of renewable energy.

This brings us back to the original question: Are you a business owner with plenty of money and opportunities to succeed?

Both yes and no.

No. You don’t need to be all these things in order to succeed. The point is that your present status doesn’t dictate your future one. It all depends on your mental state and how you think. You can choose to be a business insider right now. Your subconscious can understand emotional energy as a programming language. It is older than logic and reason.

It can’t distinguish between real and imagined situations. It is possible to imagine your ideal life over and over again in your mind. You’ll soon convince yourself that this is the future you want.

The execution will then be automatic. That person will appear to you, but only if your mind allows it.

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