How to Use Social Media to Get Clients for Your Coaching Business

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. Social media is more than just keeping in touch with friends and family. Everyone you know is an online coach or business owner. This is no longer an option. It’s essential to the success of any online business. According to Statista, there are 420 billion active users on social media, and brands who have a social media presence experience an 88% increase in exposure and 69% increase in leads generated. The question is: How can you use social media to increase brand awareness and generate more clients for your coaching company? Here are six ways to attract clients from Instagram and Facebook through organic marketing strategies, completely for free.

1. Share informative content to add value

We need to understand the psychology behind why our target audience uses social media before creating our posts.

These are some questions to think of:

  • What is my audience looking for when they search for a particular hashtag or keyword?

  • Why would my audience open up Instagram and Facebook?

  • What are they looking for and what are they hoping to achieve?

When you start looking at it from your audience’s perspective, you’ll be able to shift your approach. Social media can be used to communicate with your audience, but it shouldn’t be considered a marketplace. According to Backlinko, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. You have a tremendous opportunity to make use of social media to share valuable content.

Sharing informative content will make you a more credible resource than being viewed as a salesman. You’ll be able to share your offer with your audience and spend less time trying to convince them to buy from you.

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2. Use storytelling to connect with your audience

Most marketers are already aware that they need to post informational and educational content. With 71% of small businesses using social media to market themselves, how do you stand out and differentiate your brand from the rest? One of the most fundamental laws of business is that people only do business with people they trust, like and respect. Your content marketing strategy should include storytelling to establish a relationship with your ideal client.

Storytelling is a way to incite emotion and motivate action. Your brand will be more memorable if you use storytelling. It also helps to make your audience feel like they can relate to you. When crafting your brand story, you get to use your brand voice and show them what you stand for and why it matters to them by aligning the beliefs of your brand with theirs.

3. Share your progress to inspire your audience

People take action when they are inspired. People won’t take action if they lack the motivation. Sharing your achievements with your clients is a great way to motivate them to act.

When your prospects learn about your past and see how far you have come, they will be inspired to take action. With that being said, where you used to be is where they’re currently at, making it very relatable to them.

4. Showcase results by sharing testimonials

What do the top coaches have in common? Results.

Your prospect wants to make a choice and want to be sure it is possible. Before they give their money to you, people need to feel confident in you. You can show results by sharing testimonials from clients. This will give you credibility and help you to be more than just talking about yourself. This removes the barrier between you and your prospect. Instead of seeing your accomplishments as insurmountable, it helps them to see from the perspective of, “If others have done it, I can do it too!”

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5. Monitor social media engagement levels

While content is king, social media relies heavily on the algorithm and engagement levels. The algorithm will push your post to more people if it receives more engagement. This will give you visibility and a boost. When it comes to visibility and virality, the algorithm has complete control, especially when there are more likes, comments, and shares.

As you upload content more often, you will notice a trend in how each post performs. Digital marketing is all about data-driven improvements and testing. You will gain better insight into which posts to continue creating and which to modify to increase your overall performance by constantly monitoring and tracking your analytics. To make it simpler, post more of what your audience enjoys engaging with and stop posting content that doesn’t gain much traction.

6. Include calls to action to direct users to the next action step

Last but not least, your content strategy needs to have purpose and intent. Each piece of content you create must be relevant to your social media goals and objectives.

  • What is the next action step that you want your prospect to take?

  • How will it benefit them and why should they care about it?

  • Are you trying to grow your email list or get more sign-ups for your masterclass?

Ensure that your call to action is clear in every post so that your ideal clients have a direction to take. Your ideal clients need to understand why you are here, what you can do for them and how they can help. Clarity will help them move down the sales funnel. They won’t have to guess the next step and they’ll be able to keep scrolling past your posts.

Proven ways to attract coaching clients

There are several proven ways to attract coaching clients, and you’ll find that every coach has a unique approach, just like every other business owner. You need to recognize that every coach business is different and that you have to choose what works for you.

It is important to position yourself as an expert and to ensure that your focus is on lead-generating activities that will increase your sales funnel. It is easy to get lost in the “shiny object syndrome” and try everything. To attract clients, master one thing and be recognized for it.

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