HamiltonDemo Expresses His Support for Veteran Community after Receiving VBE Certification

Veteran Enterprise (VBE), Certified Recruitment Consulting Company Hamilton Demo has developed a strategy to support veterans, helping them find jobs after their reintegration into civilian society.

” We welcome and embrace Veterans, members of the armed forces and their families to support their career search,” said Yvan Demosthenes, the founder and owner of the company. HamiltonDemo, a specialist in recruitment, provides services to employers for talent acquisition, executive and professional searches, as well as project-based solutions. It is also an expert in diversity recruitment to ensure that companies have a diverse workforce.

The company was founded after Yvan Demetris and Shawn Hamilton, a veteran of the Air Force who had served our country for many years, teamed up. HamiltonDemo draws on years of experience in recruiting for companies such as General Electric, Macy’s and Limited Brands. Hamilton County Sheriff, Cincinnati Police Department, Choice Hotels.

HamiltonDemo uses to communicate its identity as a Veteran Owned Business. The recruitment specialists are a Certified VBE (Veteran Business Enterprise) and have made it their mission to help veterans find jobs through providing them with access to their resources and wide networks. To ensure that both employers and employees are satisfied and have long-lasting professional relationships, the recruitment company has forged many strategic partnerships with businesses and companies in the United States. They have the advantage of working with companies and firms in other regions to place candidates for difficult-to-fill positions, such as executive or managerial roles.

Recruitment is a major expense for many companies. One study shows that 31% of employees quit in their first month on the job, resulting in significant lost time, money, and other resources. HamiltonDemo works with companies like this to help reduce this statistic by strategically placing people in positions that will allow them to thrive for many years.

The firm works with companies to improve applicant tracking systems and create employee retention strategies. Yvan, the founder of the company, has over 16 years’ experience in talent acquisition companies such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.

By making a commitment to helping veterans reintegrate in the corporate world, they are hoping to support those who risked their lives for freedom and peace. Many veterans have difficulty finding employment after many years of service, despite their demonstrated skills and discipline. HamiltonDemo believes they are deserving of unrelenting support. We can provide ready access to our networks and open up a list to veteran applicants seeking employment.

HamiltonDemo plans to expand its reach over the next few decades by acquiring a GSA certification and growing its network, which could lead to more opportunities for the company and thousands of job-seekers. Visit the website and LinkedIn pages to learn more about this recruitment company.

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