Etsy Sellers Avoid Supply Chain Shortages, CEO Says

As major retailers continue to be disrupted by supply chain problems in the US, smaller businesses that are less dependent on complicated global supply chains are less likely to be affected this holiday season.

Etsy is an example of small businesses that can avoid supply chain problems. Josh Silverman, CEO at Etsy, stated that the majority of Etsy sellers come from local suppliers.

They are immune to supply chain problems that plague larger retailers.

Silverman’s unveilings show the resilience and agility of small businesses. These unveilings also give small business owners confidence that they won’t be negatively affected by the much-hyped disruption to the supply chain.

It also highlights the benefits and importance of sourcing materials locally. Silverman writes about Etsy in a blog article on the topic

“. Most sellers on Etsy are small businesses and do not rely on supply chains for their handmade inventory. Etsy’s CEO writes that the average Etsy seller works remotely without any complicated overseas production lines or fulfillment requirements. Their supply chain is more like local raw materials.

Prioritizing Transparency and Clear Communication

Silverman goes on to note the importance of transparency and clear communication with buyers, something which Esty sellers prioritize. Etsy’s success has been aided by improved delivery times and the ability to filter local sellers.

Small business owners can take inspiration from the Etsy marketplace’s resilience and success, regardless of whether they are selling on Etsy. To maximize holiday sales success, small business owners should not only continue to source materials locally but also communicate effectively with customers.


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