D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group Announces New D.E.F.Y. Everyday Collection

Orem, UT, October 03, 2021 –(PR.com)– The team at D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group announced the new products for D.E.F.Y. Everyday Collection.

The D.E.F.Y. The Everyday Collection was created to assist the entrepreneur, stay-at-home professional, retiree, student, and anyone else who struggles with organization and planning. Our collection will help you declutter and concentrate on the task at hand while improving efficiency and productivity.

The D.E.F.Y. Everyday 2022 Calendar Planner will help you manage your stress while being productive. It comes with a 2-page spread of calendars that includes previous and next-month reference calendars. This makes it easy to plan for each month. The Weekly and Daily view pages have ample space for detailed planning. With over 150 pages, this calendar planner is jam-packed.

The D.E.F.Y. The Everyday Journal notebook is great for capturing thoughts, memories, and ideas. Writing can help you reduce stress and be more productive. Journaling can also help you keep track of your personal growth. With over 100 pages, each page has the month and day so that you can timestamp your journey.

Each product is available in three styles: coil bound, hardcover or paperback. They can all be ordered on Amazon and LuLu.

” I thought I could recall everything without writing it down until I began forgetting things,” Tonya Steel, CEO, Founder of D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group. “I found that I was able to accomplish a lot more when I used a planner and a task list, which I did in the past. It felt great, so I decided to create the same outcome for others. These products are just the beginning. We’re just getting started.”

With the holiday season and new year right around the corner, it is the perfect gift choice for your family and friends. Never bad timing to start great new habits.

D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group is a national business that provides proven financial management solutions for small businesses. They aim to remove fear from math’s complexities and educate. Your business can overcome any odds if you don’t have to do it alone. Business Survival Made Easy. Tonya Steel, CEO and Founder of “The Financial Management Architect”, is a financial innovator who works with small business owners that want fast results. Tonya is able to simplify a client’s financial management system and make it more efficient, which can help them survive. Without the need to be accountants, they will have the business of their dreams. (www.defyconsultinggroup.com)

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