BeeSeen Solutions and Upstart Business Solutions join hands to boost accounting, bookkeeping, payroll services and other offerings for small business owners

*. What makes this partnership unique? Our combination of offerings is perfect for business owners who need support in starting, managing, marketing building and scaling a successful business.

BeeSeen Solutions, a full-service Strategic Advisory with Expertise in Business Process Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, Process Automation, Merchant Processing, and Call Center Services, headquartered in Long Island, New York, is excited to announce its partnership with Upstart Business Solutions Inc., A premier provider of virtual business services such as accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, outsourcing, payroll, merchant, and business services to small businesses across the US.

What makes this partnership unique? Our combination of offerings. This is the perfect solution for small business owners looking for support in starting, managing, marketing building and scaling a business.

” We believe in providing a resource that small and medium-sized businesses can really benefit from. UpStart business solutions Inc . offers cost-effective accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services that small business owners can benefit from. We are an extension of our clients internal teams at a fraction of the cost that is supported with over 30 years of accounting and back office processing experience. Our unique virtual programs enable you to access CFO-level advice at a fraction the cost,” stated Thomas LaMarco, President UpStart Business Solutions Inc

Upstart developed a unique tax filing system that is quick and simple. You can choose whether you are a resident abroad or prefer to work remotely.

” We are proud to have partnered up with Upstart Business Solutions Inc for their digital business solutions. We are thrilled to assist UpStart Business Solutions in taking their digital marketing expertise to the next level. They are a creative organization. It is wonderful to see how UpStart Business Solutions helps business owners cut costs and improve their bottom lines in these difficult times,” said Patrick Pinto, CMO BeeSeen Solutions.

Bookkeepers can help you set up or train your staff in financial systems such as QuickBooks, or other legacy systems.

” We work with you to ensure your business or personal processes are managed in a way that maintains integrity in financial transactions and back office processes. UpStart Business Solutions is there for business owners at every stage. We can be an extension of their team and provide support. Each business is different. We know that. Thomas LaMarco, President, said that we can design a custom accounting system, document management, storage solutions, and other solutions to fit any small- to medium-sized business.

Upstart offers the same service online as you would get in person at our office. They use the most secure ways to transmit your personal information.

Their service portfolio also includes

  • Online Bookkeeping
  • Remote Accounting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Merchant Services
  • Review Financial Statement Chart of Accounts
  • Business Transaction Process Flow
  • Review of Management Prepared Financial Statements
  • Management Analysis of Financial Statements Compilations
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Preparation & Advising
  • Audit Assistance
  • Budget Preparation
  • QuickBooks Set-Up and other Legacy Platforms

” We understand that every business has its own needs. Thomas LaMarco, President, said that we can design a custom accounting, document and storage solution for your business.

“Accounting, and other business services, no longer require staff in-house and all associated overhead expenses and hassles. UpStart Business Solutions Inc can now securely provide bookkeeping services and other business services from anywhere in the world thanks to technological advances. You can access your financial information and business files online, anytime, for a fraction of the cost of in-house staff with a 24/7 solution. Business owners now have the opportunity to access a premium suite of services through UpStart Business Solutions Inc at very competitive prices. “They are giving business owners an opportunity to have incredible talent that previously was not possible,” said Peter Pinto, co-founder of BeeSeen Solutions.

BeeSeen Solutions provides strategic Advisory to its clients. It offers Marketing, Process Automation and Call Center Services as well as a complete suite of Outsourcing Solutions. This helps drive efficiency, compliance and revenue while ensuring a positive customer service experience.

We are a client-focused, results-driven team. Our goal is to provide a positive customer experience. Clients will achieve their goals by using our proven track record.

BeeSeen is committed to staying at the forefront technological advances and adding value to clients of all sizes. Our vision, together with Upstart is to empower budding entrepreneurs as well as small business owners to achieve greater heights without worrying about marketing and operational challenges.

Learn more about BeeSeen Solutions or Upstart Business Solutions to learn about our unique expertise and services.

The Company – UpStart Business Solutions Inc., based in Stony Brook, New York, provides a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, outsourcing, digital marketing, payroll, merchant and business services, either in your facility or at our location. Qualified accounting professionals can be provided to ensure your financial records are accurate and correct.

BeeSeen Solutions is a Strategic Advisory Firm that provides its clients with Marketing, Process Automation, Call Center Services, and a full suite of Outsourcing Solutions to help drive efficiency and compliance, and revenues while ensuring a positive customer experience.

About BeeSeen Solutions

*)BeeSeen Solutions provides full-service strategic advising. We offer digital marketing, consulting, target lead generation, sales and marketing, call center services, and intelligent automation solutions. With a global reach, we are located in Long Island, New York. Our team of All-Stars has been providing Digital Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing for over 25 years through a global network. Their award-winning performance, deep understanding of customer experience and proven track record of delivering superior results have earned them recognition.

For a free consultation on how our experienced business professionals can help you with any of your business problems, contact us today.

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