20 business ideas you can start for less than 200,000 pesos

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Many of us dream of starting our own business , but sometimes we lack inspiration or we lack money and we end up not doing it. We have gathered some low-cost ideas from entrepreneurs. These ideas can be done full-time or part-time.


Check if one inspires you and get to work!

1. Mobility service driver

Business idea: Mobility service driver

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Driving on your own time sounds like a great way to make extra money, and of course it can be, but don’t get your hopes up – it’s hard work. According to Nerd Wallet , “to have an annual income of $ 50,000, an average Uber driver in the United States needs to make an average of 60. 21 weekly trips, and those who work for Lyft need to collect about 83. 76 trips a week, while those who They are in Sidecar they need 70. 03 “.

In Mexico we only have Uber and DiDi , so we would have to guide ourselves with the Uber numbers, but here we detail some of the costs that you should consider for this type of work:

  • Gasoline
  • Maintenance and repairs of your car
  • Parking lots
  • Car payments (such as checks and tenure)
  • Taxes
  • Car insurance

The point is, it’s certainly a great way to make money, but your success and your earnings will largely depend on where you are and your ability to stay active.

2. Virtual assistant

Business idea: Virtual assistant

Image: Justin Lewis | Getty Images

To become a successful virtual assistant, all you need to know is how to get things done. In the United States there is Horkey Handbook , a site dedicated to educating and connecting virtual assistants , and they list these categories in which companies (and some individuals) seek extra help: customer service, web design, agenda management and travel , keyword search, capturists, video and photo editing and much more.

How do you start? This same website (which also offers courses that you can take from Mexico) gives us these steps:

  1. Choose the structure of your business.
  2. Decide what services you will offer your clients.
  3. Decide on your pricing structure.
  4. Launch your website and create your digital presence.
  5. Start looking for prospects and build your network.
  6. Build smart relationships.

3. Daycare owner

Business Idea: Daycare Owner

Image: Zero Creatives | Getty Images

According to GoBankingRates , if you have a house that meets all the security and location requirements, you can start a nursery with an investment of less than 20 thousand pesos. You need a permit, adequate insurance and supplies, and depending on how many children you can receive you can earn between 20,000 and 100,000 pesos per month.

4. Real estate agent

Business idea: Real estate agent

Image: RM Exclusive Culture | Leon Sosra | Getty Images

Although costs can vary depending on where you live, with a minimal investment you can start making a profit in the world of real estate . Although you may not be able to reach the same level as the million-dollar agents on TV, they did not start out that way. Josh Altman, one of the stars of this program, spoke with Entrepeneur in English and explained that “at the beginning of your career you have to take whatever property they offer you”. If you sell or rent the first property, and then you get the second, you can build a business that makes a good profit each year.

5. Gardening

Business idea: Gardening

Image: Halfdark | Getty Images

Do you love being outdoors and exercising? Garden design will allow you to have both. You will need the right equipment depending on how big your business is.

6. mailing campaigns

Business Idea: Direct Mail

Image: Hill Street Studios LLC | Getty Images

Mailing campaigns are a form of marketing that sends promotional material of a business through emails to its database. Town Money Saver is a monthly flyer that is distributed by mail to homes and businesses and in the United States, a franchise costs about $ 5,700. This is a great way to launch a similar service in Mexico.

7. Photographer and videographer

Business idea: Photographer and videographer

Image: Hero Images | Getty Images

There are many ways to turn your hobby into a way to earn money: shooting for websites or media, selling the rights to your photos, taking photos at events, and even teaching classes. You can rent equipment to start your own business, although it can be quite expensive. If you have a team, you will find many opportunities to promote your services.

8. Dog walker and pet sitter

Business idea: Dog walker and pet sitter

Image: PhotoAlto | Laurence Mouton | Getty Images

A great business idea for anyone who works from home and is looking to earn a little extra money while exercising. The only expenses that you should consider are advertising, although you could do it through social networks or flyers pasted in your neighborhood. You don’t need to be a professional to help animals. All you need is love and enough bags to carry your stuff on your walks.

9. Personal trainer

Business idea: Personal trainer.

Image: Westend61 | Getty Images

Do you love the gym? You can put your knowledge and muscles to use and become a certified personal trainer. You can begin the course and get certified at any time. However, costs vary depending on where your home is. John Romanelli, founder of the fitness website No Bad Reps , explained to Entrepeneur that a personal trainer in the United States can earn up to $ 6,000 per month. It all depends on how much time you are willing to put in and what type of training you offer.

10. Commercial cleaning

Business Idea: Commercial Cleaning

Image: sturt | Getty Images

In the United States, the cost of a cleaning franchise starts at $ 2,245. This type of service is only beginning in Mexico. Although costs can vary, it is one of the most cost-effective and lucrative franchises available.

11. Services for companies

Business idea: Business services

Image: Maskot | Getty Images

Medium businesses and large companies need help with documents, forms, promotional products, and other services. In the United States there is Proforma , a franchise that helps clients “select the best promotional products for their business as well as multimedia and e-commerce solutions to advertise themselves. “

12. Personal shopper

Business idea: personal shopper

Image: Shestock | Getty Images

Do you love to go shopping? This could be the right business for you. This type of service attracts wealthy individuals who don’t have the time or businesses that employ personal shoppers to purchase gifts for clients, prospects and investors. If you want to get started, we recommend reading this useful manual: Start Your Own Personal Concierge Service: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success .

13. Children’s party planner

Business idea: children's party planner

Image: Depositphotos.com

Children’s parties are a multi-million dollar business. If you are a father, you already know that, on average, you spend about $ 10,000 pesos per event. This could be a great opportunity for you if you are a person who can handle a room full kids and a sugar rush. You have two options for handling this service: either organizing the event at your client’s request or creating your own space. The Start Your Own Kid-Focused Business book offers enough information on how to get your business off the ground and how to cover everything from safety to food and beverages to host parties that children and parents will not forget.

14. Homemade bakery

Business idea: Homemade bakery

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Among the growing allergies and the desire to consume surprising products, cakes, cupcakes and cookies are in great demand. You can start your own business if you are passionate about cooking and have the honor to do so. If you are looking for a larger business, you can rent a commercial-sized kitchen. With a small investment and some advertising, you can begin to make good profits.

15. Music classes

Business idea: Music classes

Image: South_agency | Getty Images

Here’s something that will be music to your ears: your musical talent can earn you up to $ 1,000 pesos an hour. You can teach private lessons at the home of your clients or at their place, depending on which instrument you’re teaching. Advertising can be done through social networks, flyers and word of mouth. To meet people, we recommend that you visit local music schools.

16. Content generation

Business idea: Copywriting

Image: GaudiLab | Getty Images

If you are good with words, there are many things you can do besides entertaining your friends with memes. You can make money, for example. You only need a computer and some contacts. Tailored Ink co-founder Han-Gwon Lung suggests an easy test: “Go to the small store on the corner, grab some potatoes, and then…improve it.” He continues, “Or you could look for a simple task you can do free of charge.” Help a friend or family member with a slogan, email or website. You don’t have to be passed to find writing opportunities. The point isn’t to make money, but to learn how to write. “

17. Vintage clothing distributor

Business Idea: Vintage Clothing Distributor

Image: Trevor Williams | Getty Images

Remodeling a house costs a lot of money, but remodeling a vintage piece of clothing… not so much. It doesn’t take a lot to be a successful vintage clothing distributor. You just need a keen eye and passion. You can make your hobby a business by going to second-hand shops and markets looking for hidden gems. It is a good idea to know how to sew. There are many vintage bags that could become valuable treasures. Depending on the money and time you have, you can open a store, or sell your things directly on the Internet on sites like eBay or Mercado Libre .

18. Non-medical home care

Business idea: Home non-medical care

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In the United States, in 2035 there will be more seniors than children. This opens up great opportunities for business, not just in the United States but all over the globe. As they age, people will require more assistance, not just medical. Assistants for the elderly are primarily responsible for providing companionship, food and housekeeping, and helping to remember medication schedules. They also run simple errands and do all the other tasks that the elderly may need. If your personality is able to adapt to this type work, you could start your own company and offer your services for older adults in your area.

19. Social media consultant

Business idea: social media consultant

Image: Tom Werner | Getty Images

Small business owners who are great at baking cakes may not be so good at taking pictures of them or writing beautiful and engaging content on their social media. They may also not be able analyze the algorithms on Instagram and Facebook. That’s where you come in. You can live virtually online and do things that are natural to you.

You need to prove that you are a social media expert. You can build a great digital presence and also help your friends. You’ll quickly build a reputation through word of mouth, and you’ll soon have many customers coming to your door looking for help with their social media marketing. You don’t have to use what you already know. There are plenty of free online courses that will teach you new techniques and trends.

20. Accounting services

Business Idea: Medical Claims Billing

Image: krisanapong detraphiphat | Getty Images

If you are an accountant or have a career as a financial manager, you can offer your services by helping people pay their taxes and keep up with finances. You could make a good income by helping people with their bills, depending on how many clients you have.

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