Prodigy Partners, LLC is a company firmly based in Texas.

We work directly with sellers and buyers of all sizes, referral sources, and cooperating brokers. We pride ourselves in our ability to be business brokers in Dallas, in connection with the introduction to the transaction of buyer & seller.

Our hands-on custom search method will find new deals based on your criteria & objectives. This method provides a first opportunity to talk with sellers. All fees are based purely on a success basis. If there is no closing, there is no fee.

Additional opportunities come from our network of cooperating business broker firms. These firms are comprised of regional investment bankers, M&A firms, individuals, and business brokers whom we have a relationship with. This relationship gives us access to their potential sellers.

The process from a buyer’s point of view is as follows:
  • The buyer has an introductory meeting with Prodigy Partners, LLC.
  • Prodigy Partners, LLC works with the buyer to determine the type of business that is a right fit.
  • The buyer signs a Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement(s) and is qualified based on experience and access to financial resources prior to introduction to businesses and sellers.
  • The Confidential Business Review is provided for the buyer’s examination.
  • Prodigy Partners, LLC arranges an initial discreet introduction between the buyer and the client company via direct correspondence, email or telephone.
  • Facility tours and initial meetings between buyers and sellers are arranged.
  • Seller and acquirer exchange relevant information.
  • A Letter of Intent is prepared, presented, negotiated and executed.
  • Acquirer performs due diligence.
  • The definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement is negotiated with assistance of Prodigy Partners, LLC and the legal counsel of the seller and buyer.
  • Closing documents are prepared and executed.
  • Transaction is closed.