Creating Effective Hype for Your Business Launch

April 26, 2017 dallas business brokerage

You’ve got brand recognition. Your mission and logo are out there speaking for you. You have an interested customer base – and they can hardly wait for your grand opening. How did this happen? You built buzz – interactive, interesting, relevant buzz.

Companies have done everything from the traditional to the outrageous in the name of hype, and strategies from both hemispheres have worked. When you know who your target customers are, you can begin to strategize hype.

The customer comes first. This is true even before you open your doors. To achieve success in business you must think like a customer. What are their priorities? What needs and desires can your business fulfill?

You are your own first customer. You understand your business’ goals and what inspired you to commit time, money and sweat to make them happen. Why are you passionate about it? Your passion must be conveyed and it must become contagious.

While you craft your pertinent, newsworthy, professionally edited press release or prepare for your plunge into outer space, you must know who your customers are and what message you want them to glean from it.

Although it’s had a few misses, it’s a well-known phenomenon that Apple knows how to hype. The key to their success is that they personalize it. Don’t just post; make it meaningful. Use social media to gather as well as share information. Ask potential customers for input and ideas. Create contests where prizes are branded and convey your message. Interact. Give time to others’ passions. Keep this in mind – how much do you enjoy listening to someone talk about nothing but themselves and what they’re doing? Blog unto others. Find businesses that are established and that complement yours. Promote them. Your support for other businesses will be appreciated and often requited.

As you map out your social media strategy, be sure it leads potential customers to your website. You’re going to solidify long, loyal customer connections there. Engaging countdown strategies help grow anticipation. A member’s only area promising insider information and access to pre-ordering and promotional pricing – might just get them to sign up. Once they’re signed up, you’ve got a great medium through which to keep in touch.

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