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Prodigy Partners, LLC is a mergers and acquisitions brokerage which serves primarily the middle market, based in Dallas, Texas and Austin, Texas, and with affiliated offices covering the United States. Prodigy Partners is a member of the Texas Association of Business Brokers (TABB), as well as the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), whose founding partners maintain the added benefit of being licensed attorneys and certified public accountants.

Buying Your Business

Prodigy Partners, LLC is a company firmly based in Texas. We work directly with sellers and buyers of all sizes, referral sources, and cooperating brokers. We pride ourselves in our ability to be business brokers in Dallas, in connection with the introduction to the transaction of buyer & seller. Our hands-on custom search method ...

Selling Your Business

Prodigy Partners, LLC is a mergers and acquisition/business brokerage firm whom represents sellers of all sizes, referral sources, and in all industries rooted in Texas. We specialize in finding quality buyers for the sellers for whom we work. Exploring the options of a merger or acquisition of a company requires a degree of confidentiality. ...

Referral Program

Trusted advisors are often the first contact when company owners are considering M&A options. Merger & Acquisition transactions offer many options of which most sellers and buyers are not aware. It is important that your client receives accurate and reliable information on how the process works. Getting guidance at the beginning is critical.

If you are a fellow Broker or Lawyer, Accountant, Financial Advisor, Consultant or any Professional with clients who need merger & acquisition or business broker services, Prodigy Partners, LLC can help.

Our People Make Us Great

We have a history of success. We have successfully negotiated, structured, and executed a broad spectrum of deals, mergers, investments, and more.

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Prodigy Partners has worked with a large variety of clientele. Ready to start the conversation with Prodigy Partners? We look forward to hearing from you.